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Amazing hurracane viewFirst it was Katrina, which left New Orleans under water and devastated the Gulf coast of the U.S. in 2005. Then, three years later, Gustav was a major storm with winds of 110 m.p.h., strong enough to cause billions of dollars in damage in the Caribbean. Also in 2008, the Pacific area suffered the vast impact of Nargis, a tropical storm that killed 100,000 people in the Southeast of Asia.
All these hurricanes in such a short period of time raise the question of wether storms are getting stronger and, if so, what is causing them. According to a recent article in the scientific journal Nature, the answer is yes, and global warming seems to be responsible. Researchers have analysed the data of tropical storms since 1981 and have found that the maximum wind speeds of the strongest storms have increased in the last few years. They believe that rising ocean temperatures, due to global warming, are one of the main causes behind that change; they argue that warmer sea temperatures will result in stronger storms.
Not everyone agrees because the records of past hurricane strength are insufficient, so it is difficult for scientists to determine if this increase in stroms´intensity is due to global warming or if it had started before. And the weather, as we all know, is quite complicated and it is difficult to predict how future warming might affect the formation of storms.
Wether or not warming will create more superstorms, we know that hurricanes will happen and they will strike again. The question is, are we prepared for them? We know that natural disasters will undoubtedly continue happening, so we need to be prepared: Gustav caused far less damage than Katrina because it was a weaker storm, but also because people were ready this time.



Aswer questions 1-2 according to the information given in the text. Use your own words.
2. According to scientists, what role do oceans play in the formation of storms?

Are these statements true or false? Justify your answers with the precise words or phrases from the text, or use your own words.

3. It has been proved that storm winds have increased their speed lately.
 4. There is a general agreement that global warming causes tropical storms.
5. It is hard to determine if future catastrophic storms will be caused by global warming.
6. Katrina was more damaging than Gustav only because it was a stronger storm.


7. Find in the text one opposite for "WEAKNESS" (noun)
8. Which word does not have the same meaning?
9. Find in the text one word meaning "DESTROY" (verb)
10. Give an adjective with the same root as "PREDICT" (verb)
11. Turn the following sentence into reported speech:
      "The journalist asked: Will global warming create more superstorms?"
12. Fill in the gap with the correct option.
      Use:  have been using / should be using/ has used
13. Fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb in brackets
  • "If the instructor had taught (teach) them to swim, they would have saved their lives"
14. Use the words in the boxes to make a meaningful sentence. Use all and only the words in the boxes without changing their form.
       just      told     to      they      wait     been     have 


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