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Peeball baby playerIn Uzbekistan billiards was prohibited because it is "morally harmful." It is not known who prohibited it, but local authorities enforced it anyway. The true reason might have to do with organised crime or maybe just someone "important" lost a game. As the country has no free press, no one will find out what exactly happened. A spokesman of the Tashkent city council said that places with smoke, where alcohol is sold, can't be good for sports and should therefore be closed.
The country's Billiard Federation is very frustrated: they had planned to take part in many international competitions, but now they are not allowed to practise any more. "What would the authorities do if something like "peeball" were practised here?" wondered a spokesperson of the Billiard Federation.
Peeball is the "New Urinal Sport" that is a big success in Britain. The game is easy to play: put a peeball at the base of a urinal and try to disintegrate it with your pee. The faster you are, the more points you make.
You can play it alone or in a group. The balls can be found in pubs, music stores and clothes shops; they are yellow and cost one pound. Morally harmful? The new sport is sponsored by the Prostate Cancer Society in Britain and the money collected with the sale of peeballs will go to the charity.

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