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Barack Obama & heath elementsBarack Obama will guarantee affordable, accessible health care coverage for all Americans. Currently, there are over 45 million Americans who lack health insurance, and millions more are at risk of losing their coverage due to rising costs. Rising costs are also a problem for employers, particularly small businesses, which are increasingly unable to provide health insurance coverage for their employees and be competitive at the same time. Nowadays, fewer Americans receive health insurance coverage through their employers compared to eight years ago, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Buying insurance directly on the open market is simply too expensive for individuals and families and it is certainly impossible for many people already suffering from some disease.
The Obama plan is based on, and an improvement of, the current insurance system, which most Americans continue to rely on, and leaves Medicare intact for older and disabled Americans. Under the Obama plan, Americans will be able to maintain their current coverage, have access to new affordable options, and see the quality of their health care improve and their costs go down.
The Obama plan intends to provide new, affordable health insurance options by taking a series of steps. For instance, it will require insurance companies to cover any present diseases which the individual may have so that all Americans, no matter their health status or medical history, can get full benefits at fair costs. It will also require all large employers to contribute towards health coverage for their own employees or towards the public plan.
Another requirement which this plan will involve concerns children: they all must have health care coverage. However, the American government must revise and prioritize the rest of its policies (including agricultural, educational and environmental policies), to improve their effect on public health in the United States, to ensure a 21st century public health system and a healthy America.

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